Domain Insanity

Back when I bought my first domain name to support my first education technology consulting business my wife & I noticed some amazing things.  Back then we could buy just about any domain we could have dreamed up — there were a few notable exceptions, but for the most part the world hadn’t yet joined the wide web.  I remember a couple of years later reading stories of companies paying ridiculous sums of money for their domain names … another opportunity to make a buck slips through my fingers.

Fast forward to today and I am reading this piece from TechCrunch in which a gentleman by the name of John Gotts paid $3 million for the domain and started telling people he was going to “kill Wikipedia.”  First of all who would want to kill Wikipedia, and second of all paying more than the $20.00 it costs to register a domain is not a great idea … at any rate it looks like Mr. Gotts has given up, but the whole thing just struck me as too funny and it reminded me of the first domain name bonaza that went along with the Web 1.0 bubble … I wonder if that tells us anything?

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