Another ETS Talk Podcast

You can jump over to Penn State on iTunes U to get access to the latest ETS Talk Podcast. This week Chris Millet, Brad Kozlek, Allan Gyorke, and I sit down and discuss the idea of designing a course using web 2.0 technologies … I hope you find it enjoyable. BTW, we are fishing for comments, feedback, and just about anything else. If you feel like it leave a comment here, at the ETS Blog, or call the new ETS Talk Skype number (814-806-1855) and leave a message.

One thought on “Another ETS Talk Podcast

  1. Cool! I’ll check it out on monday – my iTunes podcast receiver is on my desktop at work, and my Powerbook only has USB 1.0 so I can’t update my iPod until I get back in the office. doh.

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