New Mics and Recorders

I wrote a while back about Extreme Mac’s MicroMemo for the iPod Video.  I have one and now use it as my primary iPod recorder.  The one problem that still shows up every now and then is the noise from the hard drive spinning on the 5th Gen iPod.  When the new Nano came out we all discovered you could plug a voice recorder into it … the good news is that the Nano doesn’t have a hard drive to spin up, the bad news is that the Nano is so small the regular voice recorders look silly on them.  Well I just noticed that there is now a Nano specific version of the MicroMemo.  When it gets to the Computer Store on campus we’ll pick one up and put it through the paces.

Nano Recorder

The other little thing that MicrMemo released is a stand alone lapel microphone that works with the MicroMemo.  Simple little thing that plugs into the recorder and clips on your shirt.  I noticed when I did my review of the original recorder that using it with my 80GB iPod made the whole thing about the size of a wireless transmitter.  This mic will be worth a test as well.


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