More eMail Overload

It seems we are not the only ones feeling the massive pinch of the eMail spam bug. In my earlier posts (1, 2) on email and its obvious abuse as a communication tool I focused on other tools to enable more efficent collaboration. I just sort of ignored Spam. It is hard to ignore …

Every morning I get up around 6 AM and head straight for my computer while making my tea. I typically do my last email check sometime around 10 PM (for sanity and sleeping sake) and clear out my Inbox at that time. This morning was not unlike all the others … fire up Mail and watch it pull in 50-60 new emails from the evening and early morning hours (that doesn’t include the ones that got auto filtered into the junk folder). This morning there were 4 real emails — one sent last night around 11 PM and three from this morning. That is a lot of stuff to filter. That same link from above is from a GigaOM post today in which they they cite Softcan in that close to 90% of email is spam. Again, that is a lot.

This is not intended to be a long post about the evils of spam — that is well covered — but just another thought to fuel my need to expand the information architecture within my organization to support more effective collaboration.

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