Communities DO Self Correct

In light of the recent FaceBook craziness I have been telling anyone who will listen that the community will regain control over the insanity … today, FB decided it was time to listen to their community and made some changes. This all looks to me like a huge moment in the web 2.0 space — people have a voice, they will use it, and they will protect what is important to them. There is a lesson here folks … don’t piss on the digital herd and whatever you do don’t make a mistake when you are out in front — especially if your success is built around a vocal demographic.

On a related note, I wonder if Amazon would change their tune if all the Mac folks decided they were going to stop buying books (and all the other stuff they sell) because their new Unboxed service in not Mac friendly? Given the power of the blogosphere and the explosion of community this could be a reality. Say what you will about small Apple market share, but 5% of Amazon users would make a difference … it isn’t like it used to be when people just had to take whatever the big boys told them. We have a voice and we will stop showing up. I am not picking on Amazon per say, I am just saying that making big time service decisions aint what it used to be. Watch out, the times they are a changin’ (BTW, that isn’t my line).

In the meantime, log into FB and update your privacy settings — I am sick of seeing all your changes.


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