At the Hospital

My wife was up most of the night with contractions … left for the hospital this morning around 7:30 … it is now 1:40 and we are still waiting. She is progressing, so it is just a matter of time until Max shows up!

4 thoughts on “At the Hospital

  1. and with hightened anticipation – I wait – and am always filled with quiet wonder with the birth of our children – and soon Max will be a part of our world – can hardly wait! He will be welcomed with joy!

  2. In the old days nervous dads used to pace around delivery rooms. Today, they blog from the hospital. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    Best to you, mom, and big sister, let us know if you need anything. Meanwhile, we’ll start tailgating in the hospital parking lot to celebrate Max’s arrival!

  3. I dare not tell my wife I’m even reading about blogging from the maternity ward! Respect. I got my boy an iBook when he was 5. Is there one waiting for your new arrival? Good luck.

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