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Today we hold our first training session on the Podcasts at Penn State project. We are bringing together somewhere around 25 faculty today to get a hands-on opportunity with the new system. We’ve been making lots of upgrades to the Podcasts at Penn State site to be ready for the Fall. One of the big things we’ve done is to make it much easier to create and organize a course podcast or a podcast show. This gives us the ability to give each faculty member a structured place to create and manage their episodes and students an easy to place to find it all. Here is an example of the way things are now being structured … still to do is to roll out the new directory and front page design that will highlight specific courses or shows. I’m hopeful that by the end of the session today we’ll have 25 new podcasters.

Course Podcast

6 thoughts on “Podcast Training Session

  1. Will do on the implementation overview. Today went fairly well … as easy as it is to us, it is clear that there is more work to be done for this kind of thing to become part of a typical faculty member’s routine. There are some super faculty who are already ready to rock and roll without help, but the majority will need some assistance. Providing the right kind of training will be critical to that.

    Look for a full out report here soon!

  2. D … *blush* … thanks for the feedback on the lecture. It is easy when you like your students, you like the topic, and you have the freedom to talk about. I am going to miss not teaching this fall — taking the semester off because of the new little one coming any day now. That should prove interesting as well — Cole 2.0?

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