Through the Years

This is a great find … a photoset on Flickr by “Kernel Panic” dedicated to the changing faces of through the years. It is honestly amazing how many of these I remember. The early ones amaze me and take me way back. I was working down around Philly at Cogence Media when I first started to visit Apple’s site every day (on my PowerCenter Pro) — it was sort of funny, but I remember also having a subscription to MacWeek … if you remember life before the instant news offerings we had to rely on those old fashioned magazines for our information.

The other thing I notice looking at this set is how much more sophisticated the layout is now … there is a huge jump towards better design once Jobs returned. I am also a bit amazed at the longevity of the design. I really can’t name five sites who have maintained their overall design philosophy for that long … can you?

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