Sickness in the House

And I really mean it … our house has been in the throws of a very nasty stomach virus since Monday.  Both my wife and I (and she is 7 months pregnant, BTW) have spent the last four days somewhere in between hell, our bedroom, and the master bathroom.  It has not been pretty.  Today we were both able to eat real food and keep it in us … I know it is gross, or as my four year old would say “G-R-O-S-S, gaross!”  Speaking of the little lady, she hung in there with us … we somehow were able to muster just enough energy to drive her the two miles to her AM only pre-school and figure out how to drag our sick asses back over there to get her.  She rested on the bed with us, played quietly on her eMac, and probably roamed the house aimlessly as my wife and I layed half dead in bed.  It feels like it is behind us now as I prepare to catch up at work from not only this week’s sickness, but my three day Boston trip last week … you know what that means don’t you?  Pure wall to wall meetings for the rest of my life.  Hey, as long as I don’t get that damn stomach virus back I am good with it.  So that explains my inability to blog, participate in any sort of email discourse, answer the phone, or show up for anything this week.  It is strange, you’d think doing nothing would be fun … it isn’t … as a matter of fact it hurts.  Tomorrow I will attempt to get back at it and show back up at work — if they’ll still let me.  So much to do over the next few weeks … should be fun — as long as we stay healthy.

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