Like Wildfire

Watching the World Cup has reaffirmed my thought that the World is really a small place … so many nations coming together all fighting for one thing. Most of it seems like everyone is just getting along as well. It also makes me think about just how big the World really is as well when you see all the Nations going toe to toe on the pitch. It is also funny that some of the people sitting in those stands may be edu-bloggers or read the words that I type here every now and then.

For the past several weeks I have been using Google Analytics to help me understand where my site traffic comes from. I don’t get a ton of it, but enough that it is interesting to see how you’re getting here, how many are return visits, and most interestingly where in the World you are connecting to me from. The Geo Map Overlay display just blows my mind. I dropped a screen cap of some of my results from the last few days into the post. What amazes me is how there are points representing people from really all over the World. It just strikes me that the blogosphere is empowering people to connect with one another in ways that really were not possible a short while back. Even if I had a cable TV network I doubt I’d be able to reach such a diverse set of site visitors. It just goes to show you how information can spread like wildfire in our always on, ultra-connected World.

Blog Map

Sure, most of the traffic is the eastern US, but look at all those points on the other side of the World. Hard to belive people can hear me typing in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Auckland.

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