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I had the honor of meeting Lanny Arvan at a CIC meeting in Indy a few months ago … we sat next to each other and he pointed me to his blog.  I instantly added it to my bloglines and I keep a close eye on what he has to say.  I have to say that it is refreshing to see such a well connected, well respected adminstrator taking the time to open the door and share thoughts is cool.  I just finished reading his thoughts about the most recent ELI conference.

I should say that I went to NLII last year and actually thought the world of it … I missed ELI this year becuase my wife is expecting and I thought a second week on the west coast this month was a bit much.  Either way, I have heard and read stories about the event that sit on both ends.  I guess Lanny’s take speaks so much to me.  I just thought I’d share.

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