Apple Buys Next! Oh, wait that happened a while ago …

I have really started to like the Apple Matters series, “This Day in Apple History.”  So many of them crack me up only because I remember most of them.  I honestly haven’t always been as plugged into the Apple news thing, but I was always aware of it – somehow.  I mean, for the most part I knew when big things happened; we did have MacWorld and MacUser to keep us up to date.  Funny thing is that before the web, it was hard getting the info in the moment.  Once a month I would get my dose … and read that thing over and over again.  Come to think of it, maybe the web has driven more of a change in things then I give it credit for 😉 … at any rate, I remember when Apple picked up Next very well.

When it happened, the web was around, but I was still getting MacWeek down at Cogence Media outside of Philly.  The real rumors of the day included Be and was I psyched when I finally talked my boss into letting me have a Mac clone — can you say PowerComputing 210?  It came with a build of Be that you could actually run.  That was cool … I thought I was looking at my future platform.  Then Apple turned around and bought Next.  Blew my mind … but man, Next was cool.  Remember those black cubes from back in the day.  Oh and by the way, that’s why Apple built the new cube … just because they had a guy with some experience in that space.

At any rate, here’s to surprises and solid choices.  Buying Steve Jobs, err Next, was the best move the fruit company had made in a long time.

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