Off to MacWorld

I am getting set to fly out to San Fran this morning for some meetings with the Apple Digital Campus group … we are doing it around MacWorld because it allows everyone to be in the same place at the same time. I’ll be flying while Steve is doing his thing on stage … I actually had a pass for the keynote, but I am already spending way too much time away from home and another night would’ve been over the top. I’ll catch him on the replay once Apple posts it. And just being there later today, I imagine I’ll get to see whatever he releases. Oh, and being right next to the San Fran Apple Store will allow me to try not to burn a hole in my pocket on the next big thing.

The ADC meeting is going to be a good one. They’ve put together a great agenda and it will allow us to talk openly about how the ADC Exchange changes this year. There needs to be some open discussion about some of the things going on over there and this will give us a chance to do it face to face. Tonight we are visting with the John Lennon Tour people … looking at how they use technology to empower student’s ideas. That should be very cool … I’m hoping to take some ideas back for my class. I will probably be blogging from the air, but not about the Keynote. I certainly won’t be the first to write about the new stuff, but I’m sure I will have something to say about it. Well, off to MacWorld.

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