The Apple Store: What a Kick in the Ass

I went over to the Apple Store here in San Fran today to grab a copy of iLife 06. That store is so nice … the glass stairs, the endless amount of time you can chill at the machines, and the theatre are all just so sweet. They had like a trillion copies of iLife 06 so I grabbed one along with an educational game for my little girl. I must have spent an hour deciding on buying some other stuff I really didn’t need and then finally headed over to the counter to get my software. I asked the lady behind the counter if I could use my faculty/staff PSU ID to get my education discount and she said, “sure!” So she went through the whole thing and then proceeded to tell me that they do not offer educational discounts on software in the store. What a kick in ass.

I know there will be one back in State College for me either as a departmental purchase or as a freebie from the Apple Distinguished Educator program, but I have an eight hour day tomorrow moving between airplanes, gates, and airports that would have given me a really nice chance to discover the new features.

Speaking of features, I did get to try the new podcasting studio in GarageBand down on the MacWorld show floor and it seems very capable. It is a little overkill for the typical facculty member to use to capture their lectures in the front of a class, but for those who want to do a “real” podcast it looks like there is finally a solution that just works. I just wish I could’ve posted a podcast review of my new software today using my new software. Again, what a kick in the ass. BTW, I didn’t buy anything at the store … I just said no thanks and walked out.

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