So, after my crying and bullshit I did end up “getting” a copy of iLife 06.  I still think the Apple Store should honor educational discounts, but at the end of the day, Apple did come through.  I just saw some amazing things with the new podcasting capabilities in GarageBand … it is going to be a good solution.  The whole iChat integration is sick … get on iChat with a couple people and watch what happens … all I can say is that it is flat out cool.  Alright, more later … I’ll put it all through the paces tomorrow on the plane, but all in all it is a major upgrade — even if its just the GarageBand podcasting stuff you are looking at.  The other apps are also very nicely done.  Sorry for the bark earlier!

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  1. That’s reassuring and good to hear! I can’t wait to get my hands on iLife 06; the Podcasting feature looks awesome, it’ll be fun to play with iWeb, and iPhoto speed improvements will be welcomed.

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