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Almost all my friends here at PSU who are Mac users launch Adium every morning instead of iChat. What do I care, right? Well, the big thing about iChat is that it lets me have a good old fashioned vocie/video chat with them. Sometimes that is just easier when you really need to get things done. The conversation usually ends up with me saying, “why don’t you quit Adium and launch iChat so we can talk?”

This morning I came across a potential solution. I am sure most of you know about both Adium and the Gizmo Project. Adium is a multi-protocol chat program and Gizmo is a VoIP application a little like Skype. Well, here is the Gizmo plugin for Adium … it lets them use their fancy multi-account Adium and gives me a way to “call” them when I have the urge to talk.

The Gizmo Plugin

One thought on “Adium … Gizmo Plugin

  1. hey thanks for this writeup – how is testing out the plug-in goin for ya?

    I have “Show Offline Contacts” off and wondering why a few of my contacts are persistent (ie. not hidden) and show up grey.

    would you be willling to test it out with me?

    I have it installed and assume you have an email to contact me at.

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