My Dashboard Widget (Sort of …)

Like most Mac users who’ve made the switch to 10.4 I use Dashboard. I’ve thought about looking at how to create one, but never really had the time … Over the break I’ve been thinking about ripping Apple’s sample Widget code apart to learn how to do it … this morning I grabbed their sample RSS reader code and changed a couple of strings to point to this blog. I didn’t alter the look and feel at all, just updated a couple of things. I know, not very original but its a start. At any rate here is a zipped up version of it. If I can make the time over the break to bang a little more, I will.

One thought on “My Dashboard Widget (Sort of …)

  1. Hi!

    I tried the same thing; even jazzed up the look, but the code won’t read my RSS feed when I substitute the address of my RSS file…frustrated with this problem. If you hear of a solution, please let me know!

    Good luck with YOUR widget!



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