Bye, Bye Bloglines …

As soon as my bloglines account came back up this morning I backed up the OPML of my feeds and downloaded NetNewsWire … this isn’t a pitch for Ranchero, but I gotta tell you I am really liking it. I read all my stuff via RSS these days (including all my course work feeds that my students create) and this app gives me the abiltiy to really organize all my feeds exactly the way I like them. I had tried it out before, but it was just too limiting for me to use. It seems as though they’ve really done a great job with the features and I think I can use it from here on out. Who knows though!

The thing that really kicks ass is the ability to sync your account via standard FTP or a .Mac account so multiple copies on multiple machines are updated … it’ll even track what articles have and have not been read. That is the critical feature for me … but there are some other cool things. As I use it more I’ll let you know how it goes, but for now I am happy and feel (almost) safe using it. Oh, if bloglines wouldn’t have come back …

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  1. Thanks for checking out NetNewsWire! If you run into any problems or have questions, just let me know.

    Also (assuming you’re using the full version) you can use NetNewsWire and Bloglines together. It doesn’t have to be either/or, you can use both.

  2. Hey Cole,
    This is Man. Here’s my hand rolled blog tool, The RSS url is

    If you look carefully, there is a number of embedded technical items. My birthdate is in Unix Timestamp. Model, View, Controller is a programming scheme that is fundamental to RubyOnRails. The Plus Sign boxes are imitating RSS parent/child blocks. Courier New and the RGB colours are old school.

    Right now, I am reading up on AJAX applications. I hacked through PHP to get a mod of Google Suggestions for experimental work.

    I have been coding web applications for about half a year now. I have 13 contracts down the pipeline and three of them are requesting AJAX integration. One is requesting a RubyOnRails application. Most of these work projects are full scale blog communities such as and it seems very logical that AJAX and RoR will perform explicitly for these works.

    If you could show my blog tool to Chris Millet, that would be great. I love technical feedback.

  3. So, I’ve been using it for a little less than a month … I like it … the sync works fairly well. Not perfect yet. I gotta figure out how to make it all work with bloglines so that when I am away from one of my machines, I can check my feeds and have them be up to date. I am on the road tonight and the laptop I brought with me doesn’t have my netnewswire sync account info so I can’t sync up my stuff. That bothers me. Oh well … now I gotta decide if I like it enough to buy … hmm?

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