Bloglines is my new TiVo

It jumped out at me this morning just how much I rely on my feeds … bloglines is where I keep all my feeds organized and I really like the way it works. I’ve been using it for nearly a year (I think) and my daily dose of sites has grown to around 100. This morning, I couldn’t get it to load and FireFox just spun and spun. It then dawned on me that I really don’t remember how to use the web the “old fashioned” way anymore … I mean I can search and find stuff, but when it comes to visiting pages, well that’s just crazy. I know I should maybe switch to Safari to take advantage of the RSS features, but there is something sweet about the web-based tools in bloglines — I use four different machines a day and having to sync all that stuff would drive me crazy. I’ve also taken to subscribing to my student’s work and find it much easier to see who has turned in stuff viaa RSS updates — if you add in the 40 students who I have right now, my daily dose of web reading is closer to 140 sites … yikes! Come on bloglines … I need it bad.

I say bloglines is my new TiVo only becasue I always tell people that TiVo is like a drug — if you are at all into TV, you will become addicted … no doubt about it. Spending the morning without being able to see what is new with my nearly 140 friends on the web has given me the shakes.

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