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We are working on an article and a new toolset that has sent us down the path to investigate Blogging in Education. Robert Shedd, an IST student working in the Solutions Institute, and I are working together on this to see what we can figure about how blogging is being utilized, what role rich media plays in blogging, and if there is a need for tools to create content quickly and easily. In the commercial spaces, there are tools and services available, but it is still a back room effort here in higher education. I thought I’d throw this page together for a landing place for our research efforts … at least for the time being. Feel free to browse this space and as always, contact us or leave comments. Thanks.


Content Delivery in the ‘Blogosphere’
Richard E. Ferdig, Ph.D., and Kaye D. Trammell, University of Florida
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The Blogs are a Comin’
Con Rodi
Center for Human-Computer Interaction and Department of Computer Science
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)

Functions of New Media: Understanding Weblogs
(a major challenge to make the study manageable and get comparative information)
Eric C. Williams

Blogging as a Course Management Tool
Jon Baggaley

An Exploratory Analysis of Weblogs
Michael Tyworth


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Educational Blogging
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Composing at the keyboard Taking their passions to the web, bloggers invigorate classical music scene; [Home Edition]
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‘Blogs’ Help Educators Share Ideas, Air Frustrations
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Scholars Who Blog

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