IST 110 Fall 2004 Posts!

After days of trying to get it to work … moving my blogger posts AND comments into this WordPress blog … it is complete! What a pain in the ass however. I followed some great directions on how to get posts and comments out of blogger and into a Moveable Type format and then tried to use the WP import MT feature, but couldn’t get that working perfectly. I found that if I did individual imports of the posts with the comments it all worked well.

So … a little grep searching in BBEdit, some manual labor, and a dose of patience and I am done! You can take a look at all the blogging that went on in my 110 class last semester by following the 110 Fall 2004 category link. The posts are just posts, but some of the comments are great … I just had to keep them. Now, I may actually be able to get back to writing here.

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