Working at Otto’s

Here we are at [Otto’s]( (a nice little brew pub in State College) to discuss podcasting and I am demonstrating WordPress … no other way to talk about the power of RSS without showing people just how easy it is to make and edit content. Todday I met with two faculty members from our [College of Education]( to discuss a NSF grant they are assembling. One of the things they are really interested in is podcasting. Let’s just say they walked away with the light bulbs on!

Again, it is just really cool to see people’s reactions when the whole content delivery via rss thing clicks with them. I have a feeling we’ll be doing quite a bit of good stuff with these guys! One of them was Kyle Peck — quite frankly one of the most respected names in Instructional Systems Design … I studied his book in grad school for crying out loud! This isn’t the first time Kyle and I have hooked up … he is a great guy and very into pushing the limits of technology (and the establishment, research, educational philosophy, etc) and is just great to hang out and talk with. He is going to be a guest on the From the Basement Podcast here in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll be setting up a pilot program that I’ll be blogging about here. Until then let’s just say it was a great meeting that will unlock a ton of opportunities.

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