iWork … No Really

WTF, why does it take our School so long to deliver software? I mean I ordered this stuff weeks (dare I say months) ago. I finally got my version of Apple’s iWork today … I am almost embarrassed by the fact that I haven’t had my hands on it by now. Keynote 2 is great … they actually made it usable beyond just great looking. The real gem, IMHO, is Pages. It’s not a Word killer, but it will make running a small biz so much easier. The integration with iLife is fantastic and built in layouts are really nice … I have already started using it to write a white paper. I’ll post a little about that tonight or tomorrow as I get it further along.

I hate when people look over my shoulder as I type, so I guess its time to wrap up this post. iWork is worth the price of admission. I need a category for fluff …

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