iPod Shuffle … Of Course

I can’t help myself. I may have a problem, but I refuse to admit to it, that’s for sure. We went to Target today (what else it there to do) for some stuff, but I was really hoping to stumble across a Shuffle. I got there and the sign said something like, “iPod Shuffle Available 2.27.05” … well, that’s tomorrow. I figured it wasn’t like an Apple truck was going to pull up tonight, so I asked a guy who clearly worked around the electronics area, but not in it … he said, “yeah, we have tons of those under the counter.” He borrowed a key, opened it up, and handed me a 1 GB Shuffle. Nice. It is a nice piece of engineering, even if it is a screenless little piece of plastic. Apple touches abound — the little metal bearings in the end cap that hold the USB cover on is a fine example. The packaging is actually very cool as well … pictures below.

The nice thing is that I plugged it into my 12″ PowerBook, it asked me if it should autofill it for me, I said yes and it picked a random selection of songs. I have it on right now and it is in shuffle mode — something I never do with my 60GB iPod photo … just too much stuff to get in the way. It hasn’t played a bad song yet … went something like, U2, Dave Matthews, Grateful Dead … not bad taste if you ask me. Very cool. This is going to make the perfect refillable podcast machine. Exactly what I was looking for!

shuffle box   shuffle inside

2 thoughts on “iPod Shuffle … Of Course

  1. Smart playlists and Shuffle mode is the only way to listen to music on my iPod. The only time I turn Shuffle mode off is when I want to listen to a series of podcasts from a conference or something.

    Combine star ratings, genres, and smart playlists, and shuffle rocks on the larger iPods too. Mine’s only 20GB (with ~3GB free), but it’s the only way to fly…

    Seriously thinking of picking up the 30GB iPod photo this spring, too…

  2. I am a playlist kinf of guy all the way. I use a number of smart playlists … at work, at home, and for my iPod. I never shuffle … I end up getting such a strange mix of TV themes, audiobooks, and podcasts … drives me crazy. I am looking forward to having a smaller, more select group of tracks to test out the shuffle concept with. I am also psyched about having something I don’t mind plugging into multiple machines to update with podcasts or stuff I only have at work, home, etc. With 60 GB I am not too excited about having to refill it everytime I sync it to a different machine … with 1 GB, I could care less. I wonder what other people do?

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