The Winter … Its Just Starting


Looking out my front door last week … looks like there is another storm coming Monday. Why is this picture here? Well, I am trying out new photo to blog and photo album software. This was actually posted from iPhoto using the spiffy Photon plugin available here. Not a perfect solution, but not bad. I am really looking for something that lets me create a nice set of thumbnails all linked to a gallery page and works with WordPress 1.5. Any ideas out there?

One thought on “The Winter … Its Just Starting

  1. Wow. I’m stuck up here in the Great White North, except it’s going to be +10C today, and hardly any snow has survived the last week of weather like that. Looks like a brown summer day out there this morning 🙂

    Oh, well… Snow and cold exists to make you better appreciate summer (and warm places)

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