WordPress on HigherWeb Followup

Its done … the big move from blogger.com to the WordPress system is complete. I used the blogger to wordpress script and it all seemed to work. The shitty part is that comments don’t move with it. That’s a real big problem — not for this blog, but for my IST 110 Class Blog Space. I have hundreds of comments from students in that space and I have no idea of how to get them off there. I need help!

As far as this new blog space goes, I will continue to do the usual teaching and learning with technology thing here. I am still waiting for my domain name to transfer … that’s a real pain in the ass by the way. So for now, I hope people are finding their way over here from the old higherweb/blog space nd are now getting their rss and xml feeds from the new site. In the coming months I have all sorts of stuff going on that I’ll be writing about … so drop by.

I am also installing the same WordPress hack to push podcasts through here. I’ve been doing quite a bit of that over at the fromthebasement.org site and will be doing more audio blogging and podcasting over here as well. That will also be available via the RSS. So, do yourself a favor and subscribe … and as always, please leave comments!

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