HigherWeb vs. colecamplese?

I am starting to think the days of living under the domain higherweb.com may be over. I have recently moved from my old host, ValueWeb over to StartLogic … I didn’t leave ValueWeb for any sort of negative reasons on the performance side mind you. I left completely because they are a windows based ISP and I am not interested in using technologies that run on that hardware/software combo at the moment. My new host is a UNIX host (at least my plan) and they run PHP and mySQL … the big reason I wanted that was to start tapping into the open source market a bit more.

You see along with this move, as I’ve chronicled here the last several days, I have moved my blog space from blogger.com to my own install of WordPress. I use WordPress on another one of my sites, fromthebasement.org where I do my podcasting thing on a weekly basis. You could say getting into the podcasting scene has brought me into the open source scene as well. I am thrilled to be here now by the way! The whole open source side of the World is just flat out amazing. Don’t get me wrong, as an information sciences and technology instructor at PSU, I understand the why’s and how’s of it all, but I never really got into the community to see what’s going on from a user and developer perspective. I am amazed.

At any rate, back to the reason for the post … I have been doing “business” under the name of higherweb.com since I got on the Internets in 1996 … it still blows my mind that when my wife, Kristin, and I were looking for domains disney.com and a huge amount of the big boys were available. Oh well. It also never really dawned on my to just get colecamplese.com or camplese.com (which I did later buy, but somehow let get away, shit) … well, colecamplese.com is available and I am thinking about making the big leap.

It makes me feel bad to leave higherweb in the past, but at the same time, whenever I do any consulting as higherweb, I am really just doing it as Cole … its not like I have business cards that say higherweb on them … I do have a huge (in my opinion) presence on the web under that domain and I am curious as to what will happen if it just disappears … a very strange prospect in my mind. So, if I jump to colecamplese.com, how will people find me? Will all of the RSS feeds I have out there just die? Will people subscribe to the new ones? Such issues.

I think I am going to do it, but who knows … lots to think about as I make the next big move on the Internets. Just another silly geek thing to occupy my mind for the next several days … you’ll be the first to know, of course … you have thoughts or comments, please leave them here — not that you can find this post–>

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