Thoughts From NLII: Day One Wrap

It was a good day, and I have to say this has been the best conference I have attended. The presenters (at least the ones I saw) were really all willing to push the normal higher education ideas well beyond their current position. To me, that’s refreshing … I am so sick of the same old, same old in higher ed … the time to adjust some of our outdated models is here.

The hallway talk was even better. I met some great people and I think I’ve established a few interesting connections to folks who will impact my world in the coming weeks and months. All in all, a worthy trip — even I am in New Orleans all by myself without anyone to enjoy the killer jazz with … oh well, more motivation to return!

I was just interviewed by the MOJO students for the podcasting stuff … not even sure what I said, but I most certainly plugged SI and the innovative work going on there. I hope it turns out OK when it is released. They have been talking to all sorts of cool people and the podcasts are so well done … just great to see an idea go from a suggestion to reality so quickly … to be honest we just started talking to the Educause folks about this six weeks ago and they have built a great system! And the MOJO people have done such a first rate job. Very good stuff! Make sure you subscribe to the feed, or just do it the old fashioned way and visit the website.

Dinner tonight is with Apple Digital Campus people to figure out what our online community looks like and how it will be used. Should be very interesting — and oh, we are going to a great place. I have some ideas, and I am sure as the wine starts to be poured I’ll discuss them. Tomorrow is our presentation and then I fly out … whew, worth the trip.

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