Thoughts from NLII: Final Stuff

I really had a great time at the NLII Annual Meeting in New Orleans the last couple of days. There are some people doing some great things in higher education and it actually has me excited about what we are trying to do. I want to figure out how to impact more people with it, but I have a feeling that will come. The session I participated in yesterday really was an introduction to the charter members of the Apple Digital Campus project … as well as an invitiation to join the emerging community we are creating. The five schools (PSU, Duke, Stanford, Missouri, and Ohio State) were all there and we each took some time to describe our role in the project … I’ll post the slides when I am back on a high bandwidth hookup … Carl Berger, who is the research director for the project, did a masterful job moderating and describing our common research goals. Just a great session. The podcast of the session is now available over at the Educause Blog site … here is the post by Jennifer Lee Reeves from MOJO:

On the final day of the NLII Annual Meeting, five universities came “out of the closet” to talk about a new community that is forming in conjunction with Apple Computer. Yvonne Belanger of Duke, Cole Camplese of Penn State, Susan Metros of The Ohio State University, Melissa Poole of University of Missouri’s School of Journalism and Victoria Szabo of Stanford University each talked about the projects they’ve worked on in partnership with Apple. At the same time, Carl Berger officially invited your school or university to join the new forming Apple Digital Campus. If you’d like more information, email Peter Hoffman of Apple: or CSU-Monterey Bay’s Professor and Idea Lab Director John Ittelson:

The people from MOJO, who were awsome to work with, also did a quick wrap up podcast. All good stuff. I am proud of the work of the ADC so far and I really believe it will be an amazing community that will impact change in Higher Education.

I’m sure I’ll have more reactions, but for now that’s all I got! Talk to you soon.

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  1. Hey Cole, glad to see that you are really progressing on the blog front. Things in my neck of the woods are still moving slowly. Have not quite installed blogging within my corp walls, but I am getting closer. Actually, have a group ready to go, just need a server and a couple of days to install the software. Maybe, by the end of Feb, we will be blogging.

    If you remember, I was interested in an approach to connect a university to a corporation via blogs. After reading about the Digital Life project, I am curious how blogs will come into play between Apple and the 5 schools. Please keep me posted on the progress. Clearly, my company is not even prepared to blog internally, let alone with a university. However, it will be interesting to follow your experiences with Apple.

    One thing that would be very interesting to know is if Apple sees a rise in students performing internships or being hired from those 5 schools. Sure seems to be an obvious outcome and if you see or hear anything along those lines, please post about it.

    keep on podding in the free world…..wouldn’t it be cool to hear Neil Young sing that?


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