Thoughts From NLII: The Summer Institute

Just a quick note … might be several of these over the next day or two … I am at NLII and just listened to a woman from UT who talked about building good learning opportunities and talked really from the faculty perspective. Interesting use of wireless devices all integrated with a real world, PBL foundation.

One thing they do is run a summer insitute to get faculty engaged in these activities and start to show them the potential … I am wondering if we (at SI) should do something like that. We used to run the faculty academy program, but that was a much larger deal. This would be a simple one day event that would focus on working with faculty and getting them excited about teaching with technology. Just a thought.

She also talked about how they stopped with all the training around the applications (photoshop, dreamweaver, etc) and focused on teaching them how to use tools to build online and hybrid courses. Now we’re talking … teach our faculty how to use D3 and our other courseware design tools. They give grants, we’d offer tools. More to think about.

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