First Podcast: NLII Stuff

I am down in New Orleans for the NLII conference. So far everything seems cool. The conference really gets going tomorrow, so I’ll see what its all about then. I present on Tuesday, so tomorrow will be more of a walk around, listen, and discuss kind of day. There are some good sessions, so I’ll see how it goes.

If you’ve been reading here, you know I have been working with Apple, Educause, and MOJO to make sure everything gets podcasted here this week. When I say working with, I really mean I had an idea and pushed a bit. The people at MOJO and Educause have done the real heavy lifting — the results so far are great! So much so, I decided I’d record a quick podcast and include one of the first podcasts from the conference. Make sure you listen to it as it marks the first Learning & Innovation Podcast.

One other thing, I emailed Adam Curry today and sent a quick audio comment in about the NLII efforts … he wrote back to me almost instantly and said he will plug the effort on the Daily Source Code. Very cool. Well, I’ve loaded up the podcast, so listen in … its about 15 mins and weighs in at around 6 MB. Enjoy and please post comments–>

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