Your iMovies are Good

I wanted to point out that I linked in the iMovies from the Motion Slide Show Lab Assignment. Thanks to Carlo and a little nifty html, you can view everyone’s creations on the web. We’ll look through some of these in class. My general impression of all this — great work! Most of you had never done anything like this before and I am ultra impressed with some of the films. I hope you all got the hang of this, because there are several other assignments that will ask you to do similar, but much more complex movie making.

Spend some time, click through the movies and let us all know what you think. Any of you have any words of wisdom for film creation you’d like to share? Do any of you have horror stories to tell us about? Post your comments to this post if you do–>

9 thoughts on “Your iMovies are Good

  1. I think all the movies looks great, they really put mine to shame. I don’t have any experience with video editing especially with Macs but it was fun and i will be dabbling with it now. My horror story probably has to be that I had the flu and strep throat on the week this was due so i couldn’t make it out to the lab until the night before it was due. With the help of Isaiah and his book, I finished it that night, and the hardest part that Isaiah and even the help desk person couldn’t figure out is how to save the mp3 off my email. After 45 frustrating minutes I got it to work. Easily my greatest challenge is dealing with Macs.

  2. Section 4 did a great job on the iMovies, they were fun to watch!

    I really enjoyed this project because it was something new that I had no experience with. The macs were definitely a new challenge to work with but were actually easier to use than I previously imagined. The best part of this project was the fact that we could post the movies online and share them. Since mine was of one of my summer vacation trips, I email the movie to relatives and friends that had no yet seen the pictures from my trip! It is a great tool to use and sure beats just looking at a photo album!

  3. I really loved this project. I enjoyed watching them in class. A lot of people did a remarkable job on them. There was a lot of creativity. It really wasn’t that hard of a job to do. I found the hardest part was thinking of music to include with the project. Some people had ideas that I never would have thought of.

  4. These movies really impressed me and most were very funny. This class is very creative and they made my movie look like crap. I am glad that I handed mine in on a disc because that way it wasn’t viewed. Next time I will definitely have to plan mine out on paper first if I want to be on par with some of my classmates. Also, iMovie is very easy to use even though I am still just learning how to do the basics on Mac’s.

  5. I had so much fun with this project. I’ve never worked with iMovie before, but it was a very simple program to learn and having the book helped. I think that this project helped me learn a little more about Macs as well as work with a new program! I can’t wait to make another iMovie!

  6. This project was hands down one of the best projects Ive done in college. Im a senior and I can tell you that I actually wanted to come to class and stay after to do all of this for the first ever…Its made me think about getting my masters in some related field, too. The videos were all really good, movie days are a lot of fun….hopefully the interviews will turn out as well as these did. See you all in class Tuesday

  7. I’m proud of the work all of you did! I’m impressed at how you all caught on so quickly.

    Some of you stayed after class for innumerable hours to get this done, and it shows. Excellent job.

    On the whole, your soundtracks were great! Dan Shapich actually composed his own music, as did Nevin. Good work guys!

    Ryan’s video featured The Postal Service, my new musical obsession. Thank you Ryan.

    Keep it up everybody! I’m looking forward to seeing your other video projects.

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