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In class today I showed you all a couple of screen shots of a new software suite we are building in the IST Solutions Institute … I asked for you all to think of a good name for the project or the product itself. I am posting a quick shot of the prototype showing the student, faculty, and peer video review panels. Look at it, think about it, and submit your entry. Winning entry gets a prize … OK, maybe not anything good, but you’ll be recognized for your creativity!

Presentation Toolset

21 thoughts on “Name that App!

  1. how about something like… “Feedback”… or maybe… “In touch – Presentation Version”, and you could make different specified versions for different types of these things. Perhaps, “Live Response”? I dunno, I was never good at naming things – My poor dog had his name changed 3 times before he was a year old.

  2. you could make it something simple like “IVC” for instant video chat or conference, “Direct Link”, “DVB” for direct video feedback, “Viducate” for video education, I’m out of ideas. Hope someone can come up with something creative. Good luck!

  3. The name of the product should be TriTech, or TriadTech for a 3 person interactive presentation. I was going to go with INtouch (interactive nerd) but “interactive” involves one person and a computer not 2 people and a computer. A good name for the project could be TriActive.

  4. Ok, here is what I came up with… “IN” meaning interactive network. I was thinking this would also be a good marketing tool, i.e. “Join the INcrowd”. Well, thats just my idea. Hope it helps, Good Luck!

  5. Ok…I may not have a good name, but maybe I’ll send someone on their way:

    Round Table

    I don’t know….I just thought sphere was a cool word. The round indicates the whole going from on person to another with ease. Anywho, I suck.

  6. hmmm how about something like…


    i was thinking of using the word imagination…but changing it to image…but then i realized people would just read it as image nation. so yeaaa im not good at this naming stuff.

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