Week 8

This is going to be an interesting week leading up to Spring Break … we are going to focus on a couple of things. I want you to prove to me that you are working towards the 110 Challenge Solution, so Thursday I will have the first of a handful of Status Reviews with you all. I’ll provide an overview of what a Status Review is and how we will take advantage of it. Essentially it will be a short meeting between the teams and me … there will be a handful of questions I will ask for and the team will come prepsared with a written version of the responses. We will also review your MOU and Team Contracts.

But that is Thursday. Tuesday we are going to look at Copyright … for most of the class we will actually be watching a great piece related to Creative Commons and not pure copyright. I will show you a talk (I know htat sounds strange) from Lawerence Lessig that exposes the notion of the Commons and discusses why he feels we are living in a less free society everyday. To me, it is amazing and very interesting … this was one of those ah-ha moments for me when I came across it several years ago. I hope it sparks as much interest from you. At any rate, specifically, this is what we will do this week:

Week 8 Tuesday and Thursday in Class

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