Week 4: Teams and Social Video

Can you believe we are a month into the semester already? This week we will get into our teams and get moving on a couple of interesting team assignments. we will dedicate a block of the class to the Team Resume activity … it may seem silly, but it will pay dividends down the road. We’ll then use some time to go over digital video so you can produce your team introduction video. I am going to ask you to post your videos to youtube and share them with not only the class, but the whole world. I am then asking each team to review the others and write a response to their video — Maybe even provide some video feedback?
The Team Resume will have you working together to create an electronic team resume that combines all your personal information, skills, unique abilities and more. It is designed to get you talking to your new teammates and to talk a bit in front of the class. we sort of missed the whole personal introduction thing, so this will be a nice way to get that going.

This week you will:

Each Block is 30 Minutes

  • Team Resume
  • Introduction to Teams
  • iMovie Overview
  • Posting to youtube
  • Begin working on Team Introduction Video

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