Historical Review

During the History of Computing Topic, I am asking each team to turn in a Historical Review of a specific timeframe in history as it relates to ground breaking technologies. Each team will be assigned a period of time to research and to create a page in the Blogs@110 that discusses 10 technologies that were created during that period that changed the world. This example from Engadget is exactly the kind of thing I want each team to produce. Assignment Details This is a team-based assignment that is to be turned in via the Blogs@110. This is what I am expecting:

  • Based on your team’s assigned time frame, research 10 technologies that were created that had significant impact
  • Provide a review of each of the 10 technologies. Include an overview of what they are, who invented it, why it is significant, what impact did it have on society at large, if it spawned new thinking and subsequent innovation, and a picture.
  • Post it as a blog post in your team space
  • Make sure you use the following tags on your post … Assignmnet Type = Historical Review, Completed By = Team, Courses = 110, Post Type = Blog Entry, Semester = Fall 2005

Team Year Assignments Team 1: 1980-1984 Team 2: 1986-1990 Team 3: 1991-1995 Team 4: 1996-2000 Team 5: 2001-2005 Team 6: 1976-1980 Assessment This assignment is worth 100 points.

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