Discussion Acitivities

The Discussion Activity is a read and respond style activity. I will be assigning 5 of these during the semester. Typically they are designed to get you to quickly respond to the readings I have assigned for the week. There really isn’t much to say about the Discussion Activity other than I expect complete thoughts posted as blog entries … fairly straightforward stuff here.

Assignment Details

During the semester I will assign 5 Discussion Acitivities that each of you must respond to here in the blogs@110. The Discussion Activities are based on the readings they are assigned next to. It is critical that you stay up on the readings and the Discussion Activities are a way for me to see who is actually reading. I fully expect complete thoughts, not bullets or any other sort of brief reaction. This is not a long drawn out multi-page paper either. The goal is to have a tight response to the question that is supported by solid thinking, resources, and maybe even a little research.


This is how I will grade your Discussion Activities: Organization: 2 Points

  • There is a definite introduction and conclusion.
  • Ideas are well organized, clearly communicated, and connect tightly to central purpose.
  • Audience is left with a full understanding of the presenter’s position.
  • Personal experience is integrated where relevant and appropriate.

Subject Coverage and Completion: 6 Points

  • Student demonstrates full knowledge by answering with explanations and elaboration.
  • Student supports ideas with data, evidence, examples, and facts from the course content.
  • Student has demonstrated an understanding of the Topic by using the course content when drawing conclusions.
  • Identifies relevant arguments (reasons and claims) pro and con.
  • Offers analyses and evaluations of obvious alternative points of view.
  • Engages other students and instructors for follow-up communication.

Tagging and Submission: 2 Points

  • Response is posted as a Personal Blog Post with the student’s name and Discussion Activity number as the title (Cole Camplese DA01).
  • The following tags must be used … Assignment Type = Discussion Activity, Completed By = Indvidual, Courses = 110, Post Type = Blog Entry

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