Assignment Overviews

IST 110 Assignment Overviews

I do quite a bit of different things each semester. Below is a living outline of the types of assignments that I have created. I am clearly more interested in your ability to solve these challenges than giving multiple choice exams to test knowledge. There are times I give pop quizzes, but not too often. It is the student’s responsibility to get all the work done and to do it at the highest level possible.

In Class Activities

  • Team Resume: Team
  • Establishing a account: Individual
  • Establishing a bloglines account: Individual

Blogging Assignments

  • Personal Introduction: 20 Points: Individual
  • Cluetrain Response: 100 Points: Team
  • 5 Discussion Activities: 50 Points: Individual
  • 5 Social Bookmarking Activities: 100 Points: Individual
  • 1 Historical Review: 100 Points: Team

Digital Video Assignments

  • Team Introduction: 25 Points: Team
  • Solution Commercial: 75 Points: Team

110 Challenge

  • MOU: 15 Points: Team
  • Proposal Document: 150 Points: Team
  • Presentation: 50 Points: Team
  • Self and Team Evaluation: 50 Points: Team

Total Points: 720 Points — Subject to Change!

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