The Apple Digital Campus Exchange Is Alive

Lots of work by lots of people went into making this happen … I am proud of the inital launch — and am happy to hear that in the first day we attracted over 100 new members to the space! Not bad for what we are calling a soft launch … if you call being dropped into Apple’s Hot News section a soft launch! Very cool. There is a very well designed set of pages available to the public and an even better area behind the membership space … get an account!

I’ve added a couple of posts, including one this morning about how the new ADC Exchange can be viewed as a good model for blogging in education over at my new blog, Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. My friend D’Arcy Norman has been active in the space as well … I can’t thank him enough for taking the time and adding to the conversation! There are lots of smart people over there adding their thoughts and I imagine as more members join, the conversation is going to just get richer. I am looking forward to it. Let me know what you think!

My New Blog Space … Like I Need Another One

Well, today I posted my first thoughts over at the ADC Exchange Blog that I am running … the title, written by Apple, is Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. A little long, but its what they wanted. I am one of several bloggers writing about interesting (we hope) things going on in the pervasive computing landscape — each of us has a different topic. I think it’ll be a good space over time and I am hoping that we can keep it going. Add it to your blogroll or to your subscriptions and keep track of what is happening over there. I promise to keep posting here, there, and at the blogs@si site!

Talk From ADC Institute

Here are my slides from the ADC Institute as a PDF. It was a fun session, with some really great discussion. Good time. Download it here. Enjoy and let me know if you want to discuss any of it. Read the description Bart Pursel wrote over at blogs@si.

Here is the podcast frothe session as well. Get it via the RSS Enclosure, or go old school and click the link. It is around 11 MB … ADC Talk: Tools That Change The Classroom.

Heading Off to the Apple Digital Campus Leadership Institute

Leaving tomorrow for the ADC Leadership Institute at the University of Missouri. Should be a good time … There will be a lot of good activity going on over at the blog site that has been set up. I’ll be blogging along with some of the other ADC members … MOJO will be doing all sorts of podcasting and vodcasting during the event as well … so be sure to get over there often — or better yet, subscribe to the feed.

I am going to be focusing my energy over there and at the new blogs@si site we’ve been setting up, so look for posts at those places. I’m sure I’ll have some stuff to post here, but not all that much for the next day or so. Later–>

iStory: iPod Game for Scope Management

I was just working on my presentation for the ADC Leadership Institute and I thought I’d pass along something that I am going to reference during my talk, iStory. It is a little app that lets you create, “choose your own ending-style” stories that work on the iPod in the Notes section. We’ve done a little bit of work with it here at the Solutions Institute under the direction of Bart Pursel in his Gaming for Non-Entertainment Purposes Research … it is a “game” designed to contextualize and teach Scope Management. He has graciously given me permission to post it here so we can all check it out.

Very simple to use … download it, unzip it, drop it in the Notes folder on your iPod. Navigate to the Notes section in the Extras folder of your iPod and choose the “Scope Management > (000) Title Page” to get started. You’ll see the choices at the bottom of each page that you can select.

I’ve talked with the people writing the application (we are beta testing the Mac OSX version) and they are excited about the use of it in education. Great for the types of things Bart is doing. Bart will be joining me at the ADC Institute, so feel free to discuss it with him. Take a look and let us know what you think by posting a comment here. I am going to discuss this during my session becasue there are more options with the iPod than just podcasting … I know, not as cool (or hyped), but still a powerful way to use a device our students are walking around with.

Go ahead and downaload the Scope Management iPod Game in .zip format (12 KB).