Talk From ADC Institute

Here are my slides from the ADC Institute as a PDF. It was a fun session, with some really great discussion. Good time. Download it here. Enjoy and let me know if you want to discuss any of it. Read the description Bart Pursel wrote over at blogs@si.

Here is the podcast frothe session as well. Get it via the RSS Enclosure, or go old school and click the link. It is around 11 MB … ADC Talk: Tools That Change The Classroom.

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  1. Hi There,
    I am hoping you will be able to respond to this re-sent email as we are running low on time J I realise you are probably too busy – as we are also J and so I’m re-sending this email to emphasise our need – am being a squeaky wheel!
    I’m writing a report for a project that comes under the title “new practices in flexible learning” which is a podcasting trial amongst teacher’s of adults .. we have/had funding to run a podcasting pilot.. and now things are winding up..

    The body funding the project does not allow hyperlinks unless we have the permission of the website owner. Therefore I am seeking your permission to cite.. as well as quote from the articles.
    Yours truly

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