#SBUDoIT CIO Briefing 2: Did You Know

It is a little later than I had hoped to get it out, but here it is … the second CIO Briefing podcast. This five minute podcast will share some behind the scenes commentary on the production of the 2014 holiday greeting video as well as short updates on governance, SUNY 2020, a presentation I did for SteerCo called, “Beyond Gmail,” and a shout out for some great work being done at the new Stony Brook Arena. Enjoy and please leave comments, questions, and feedback — it is all very much appreciated!

10 thoughts on “#SBUDoIT CIO Briefing 2: Did You Know

  1. Great update! Happy to see progress on the Governance and even happier to see Erika at the center of it all.

    And yes, Dini and team are fabulous.

  2. Great Job Cole, its great to hear we are making progress on Governance as well as educating the SBU community on the value DoIT brings to the campus.

    Have a Happy Holiday

    • Thanks, David! I do enjoy making these podcasts … it gives me a little space to be creative. Getting to this point with governance has been a challenge, but taking the next set of steps will be great! Happy Holidays to you as well.

  3. Google collaborative features have so many benefits–a detriment to adoption we’ve run into is that, for example, Bob team member loves the features but might not have luck convincing others he works with, inter and intra-departmentally, to change the way they do things.

    Some simple, easy-to-digest workflows with high productivity impact might be just the thing!

    • I absolutely agree. The way I did the presentation is I illustrated workflow of a typical committee both with and without Drive … I put time estimates on the two models and I think really showing typical and an envisioned google work flow made some things click. What real work scenarios could we build on to show the power of the tools to our audiences?

  4. Love this Podcast! You’ve produced a high quality audio program, worthy of an appearance on NPR Radio! Next time you stop by, share your production techniques, and keep up the great work!

    And to all: We’d love to have you stop down at the lower level of the ECC Bldg to get a glimpse of our facilities down here in the land of Video Production!


    • That means quite a bit coming from you, Bill! Not sure NPR worthy, but a lot of fun to put together. I think getting other peoples’ voices out there is another way to help us know more about what DoIT does.

    • Hi Chris … it was great seeing you at the game going after it like that. I was there for commencement and there were a lot of people in the Arena using the wireless. Seemed to be very strong. Thanks!

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