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Yep, I still do it from time to time. I do it in various places these days and most seriously at my SB You space on campus. I use that space to help inform my campus community and to work through ideas. I also publish stuff a little less seriously at Tumblr — mostly photos from Instagram. I’d like to sit down and write a bit more long form here from time to time and I may start again now that I am a year into the new job. When I dig through my archives, I see a pattern like this — new job, less writing in this space and focus on the institutional space … get used to new job, more writing in this space and less in the on campus … and then an import of all the stuff I’ve published elsewhere. I wonder if I am watching the same pattern all over again? For now I think I am going to enjoy the last remnants of summer.


4 thoughts on “Been Blogging

  1. Same pattern here. Starting a new blog at work, and may repost stuff from my blog (or vice versa). Not sure. Feels like it takes some time to get into the headspace of The New Job before being able to speak confidently from it.

    • not sure if it’s in the way, but it pays the bills, which is kind of useful. feels like the new job is kind of like levelling up, both professionally and personally. that kind of combined internal and external motivation to push myself out of my comfort zone is important.

  2. New jobs are great at making me humble. Putting myself into a new (and more challenging) space makes me very cautious about what I want to write and say. My on campus blog is some safe territory for that and it feels like there is a pre determined audience … a lot like this space — I am usually sure my very good, and great old friends D’Arcy & CogDog know where to find me when I hit the publish button here. I appreciate the nod from you two as always. Each new job leads to a new space and into new space — if that makes any sense. A year in and I am hoping to find my voice and the associated confidence!

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