Balancing the Scorecard

Just a quick post on this beautiful afternoon to share a couple of thoughts that are rolling around in my head. A lot of this is based on a virtual conversation I had today with a great friend and former colleague at Penn State. So while I hoped it would be focused, I am not sure it really is …

Something I have tried very hard to do for a number of years is to take a little time each day to reflect on how things are going. Sometimes I lose track of that thought and put too much time in between actually doing it. I have noticed the last week or so has been a blur so I wanted to reinforce my own behavior by writing it down here.

Since starting at Stony Brook I have had to absorb a lot every single day … from learning where buildings are, to meeting new people, to understanding new budget models, managing a whole new campus governance approach, leading and understanding projects,figuring out SUNY, and everything in between. And none of that includes my family! I have been trying to take my time to recognize and tally “wins” on a regular basis and while the list is easier to update here at work, it seems a little more difficult to do holistically.

With that in mind I have tried to make time to talk to myself about my attitude, performance, love, friendship, and everything in between in both contexts (and where they overlap). It is an effort to take stock of all that is happening around me and to try and be more focused on each moment. I am not successful all the time and some days the wins are few and far between in one area or the other, but the idea is to construct a balanced score card so that all that is important to me stays in equilibrium.

To do that I have to make sure I “come out of my head” and be more present with those around me. One thing that I tried to do is to ask my family at dinner, “what went right for you today?” It is amazing what you hear if you can really listen. I have to remember that each day my family is dealing with all of the same things I am — everything is new and each day is a mix of an amazing adventure and a huge learning experience. Reflecting with them has been a good experience for us all. So as we work towards the weekend, I wanted to offer those thoughts … really if for no other reason than for me to reflect a bit on how good things really are.

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2 thoughts on “Balancing the Scorecard

  1. Perfect timing as we all try to finish things up for the weekend. Most of us do forget to remind ourselves to “stop and smell the roses”. I like your expression “to come out of your head” better because that is where we can become trapped and not feel the world around us especially someplace as beautiful as Long Island. And we should always remind ourselves why we do what we do and who we do it for which includes our families, friends, and all those at the university that we work with and help.
    Thanks for the thoughts and have a nice weekend.

    • Thanks, Nancy! What does it say about timing that I approve and reply to your comment early Monday morning? We do live in amazing surroundings and our day jobs are truly about something bigger than us … I love that about I do in my career. I tried to spend my off days with my head out of email and in the moment. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine! Thanks for the comment.

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