Keynote: NJEdge, Spring Lake, NJ 7/25/2013

Later this week I will head out to the beautiful New Jersey shore to provide the keynote for this year’s NJEdge Summer Luncheon. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to share insights into new forms of conversations happening online in the support of teaching, learning, and scholarship. We will explore the notion of the “conversation” as it exists across the social Web to see how we, as educators, can take cues from this emerging dialogue. It is our responsibility, not to dismiss these discussion forms (and forums) as passing fads, but to realize the embedded pedagogies that exist within these emergent spaces — pedagogies we must understand to fully imagine what the future of digital media means to scholarship. While we will clearly discuss these new forms of conversations occurring online, we will also explore recent disruptions not just to individual classrooms, but to the entirety of the academy. With the accepted rise of MOOCs and the vast amounts of dollars being poured into education technology startups by venture capitalists, we will work to expose the landscape as it exists today and help shape a discussion about what this means to us all going forward.

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