Keynote: Penn State Regional Colloquy, Penn State Behrend 5/8/2013

I was lucky enough to be the morning keynote at our Behrend campus in Erie, PA. I absolutely love interacting and working with faculty from various locations of Penn State. I enjoyed the keynote session very much, but it was the informal conversation that I hosted afterwards that really made me smile. Talking with a smart and engaged group around teaching and learning is pure joy.

In this regional colloquy, Penn State Behrend faculty members will showcase the learning environment that had helped them engage students in their classes. These sessions will reflect the recent changes in learner characteristics, particularly how students learn using recent technologies. The event is intended to start a timely conversation on how to engage students in traditional classrooms, online, or via a combination of both. Featured speakers include Cole Camplese, Director of Teaching and Learning with Technologies of Penn State and Kris Wheaton, Associate Professor of Intelligence Studies of Mercyhurst University.

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