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A couple of really quick observations after a few weeks with the iPad Mini. First, it is really all I use these days. Even my 11″ MacBook Air has stayed home most days as I find myself more and more satisfied with the flexibility the mini affords — the size and weight more than make up for any small limitations I bump into.

I am now doing my presentations from the mini and Keynote is every bit as powerful on this device as my laptop. Travel is a joy as all I need is the mini, one power cord, and my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones … And the battery lasts a couple of days.

The other thing I am finding is that the software I am using has swung in a very different direction. Yes, I still use yammer, Evernote, and various social apps everyday but the crazy thing is how good the whole crop of new google apps are. They now occupy nearly a whole row on my first screen. I love that google is finding ways to compete on iOS while still building Android. I think google is starting to push apple on the UI side which will lead to new innovation.

All in all the mini is a great device — for me. I use the Verizon version with the LTE access so I can be connected all times, much like I can with my iphone. That is a huge deal as I use it one handed walking across campus a lot. I was honestly lusting after the 13″ MacBook with retina display, but I just don’t see it fitting into my workflow at the moment. I know there are lots of people who dislike the iPad, but I find it to be a great device that supports nearly all I need to do when not sitting at my desk.

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  1. Interesting insights. I have played briefly with a mini and immediately know I would like the form factor better than the full- sized iPad. The problem is that my iPad is retina, my iPhone is retina, and my MacBook Pro is retina — I can never go back. 🙂 I will be first in line when a mini with a retina display is released.

    • The lack of retina is bothersome in a few instances. I thought it would really bug me, but it just doesn’t. This form factor makes up for it. I would be lying if I didn’t say I do miss it when reading longer pieces — especially online.

  2. OK, a couple of quick things. First off, why don’t I see more of you on G+, what with that icon right there on the front page center stage? I continue to like a lot of what I get from G+, and the new communities feature is pretty slick.

    Second, I still go for the 11″ MBA over the iPad whenever I can – though I continue to be a huge user of the iPad in certain meetings and other settings when a computer is overkill. In the end, though, I find iOS a handicapped OS in comparison to OSX and the weight difference between the 11″ MBA and the regular iPad is negligible. Of course, I have not played with the mini, but the issue lies with the underlying operating systems.

    • Chris, google + is used mostly for hangouts and they work perfectly from the iPad. I like g+ but most of the people I engage with regularly just don’t spend time there. Wit h the release of the new google apps I am giving all their stuff another try.

      Yes, Mac OSX is so much better for doing many things. What I have found is that my workflow can be adjusted slightly and my mini can keep up. There are moments when I am frustrated, but not like I was a couple years ago — the available apps let me do so many things well. As an example, I am not commenting in mobile safari, I am using the WordPress app. That’s how I do everything with my blog these days. If I had to use a browser on the iPad for that, I’d go crazy. This is actually faster and more complete way of managing content and comments.

  3. I am using G+ to create community among my advisers, who wanted something that was not Facebook to use as communication at work. I like G+ a good deal, but my Twitter stream remains my most used and beloved.

    As for iOS v. OSX, what do you do about gDocs? I find editing gDocs on the iPad unbearable.

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