Adding Instagram Photos to a WordPress Blog

As I make the slow switch back to publishing here at my self-hosted wordpress site from my beloved tumblr, one of the things that is bothering me is that publishing an instagram photo is not one button simple. With the iOS instagram app I can easily push my photos to my tumblr as well as other services like twitter, Facebook, flickr, etc but not to a self-hosted space. So, since I am returning to a place I haven’t been to in a while I thought I would ask the Internet how to do it, and what do you know, my old ed tech blogging buddy D’Arcy Norman had it solved! What a surprise, right?

Just like D’Arcy I am using the ifttt (if this, then that) service to make the magic happen. Unlike D’Arcy I decided to only pull instagrams over that I use a specific hashtag (#cc) on, so I am using a different recipe. That way I can still post to various places without flooding a specific channel … I may change my mind on that in the future, but for now that is the way I like it. It also takes anything coming in and drops it into a category aptly named, “instagram” … nice. I am also playing around with the “Add Linked Images to Gallery” wp plugin (again, just like D’Arcy) to make a local copy of the instagram image. Who knows how long my facination with my wp space will last, but I am enjoying getting it back in shape and publishing here again.

3 thoughts on “Adding Instagram Photos to a WordPress Blog

  1. Really?

    Every photo as a blog post?

    That kind of makes your RSS feed cluttery/spammy for people who might want to read what you write and already see your photos in twitter (The People Actually Known as Me). I do not see a photo as a post.

    If I was doing this, I would recipe them to maybe a wordpress custom post type, or maybe a second wp site as a subdomain, where people can choose RSS they wish to get.

    My 2 bits.

  2. Nope, not really. I post several instagrams a day to instagram. Every now and then I might want to keep one for myself — sometimes a picture does tell a story … I thought you’d know that since I learned it by watching (listening) you. I’m trying to see how I can get re-engaged with this space instead of tumblr and if I want to mix some photos in with my text (and movies, audio, etc) then you just have to manage it in your RSS reader 😉 … over at your blog I imagine you can build your recipes any way you’d like. I do need to make an adjustment to mine, but it has to do with sizing, not hiding. Sorry, dog … but promise me you’ll still visit every now and then!

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