Keynote: 9/29/2011: Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

I have been invited to speak to the PA Newspaper Association at their annual get together happening in State College, PA. I will be discussing the role of social media in creating new types of conversations as it relates to today and the future of news. I am sure I will have quite a bit to say about the events of Bloomsburg and the notion of the cone of silence surrounding small communities.  It should be a challenging and interesting opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Keynote: 9/29/2011: Pennsylvania Newspaper Association

  1. Cole,

    Let me share a link with you that may be of interest to your presentation:

    That’s a story on how serious the situation is on North Carolina’s Outer Banks after Irene. I know of it due to it being shared on an online forum. That’s a local newspaper; their stories can be shared, unlike the Bloomsburg paper. Thought it might make for a good example for two reasons: The ability to share it and the fact that some perceived Irene not to be a big deal anywhere due to “overhyping”.

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