The other day I got an email from my my friend and colleague, Brad Kozlek about something that has happened to the usage data in the last month within the Blogs at Penn State platofrm … In the last 4 weeks, there have been 10,000 new entries posted to blogs at PSU, including over 8,000 files uploaded and 2,000 more active users. Here is where is gets weird … during the same time last year there was same increase in users, but only half as many entries and less than half as many files uploaded.

Mind blowing.

3 thoughts on “Adoption?

  1. The fear of publishing keeps diminishing. You guys have really created something here. It’s great stuff. Does the data indicate what type of files have been uploaded? I’d be curious to see how much media has been uploaded.

  2. Part of this increase might stem from our efforts to model how a course blog can serve as the main writing platform and environment for the semester. When students are empowered to write for and respond to an audience of peers, there is an explosion of literacy.

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