I find myself obsessed with the notion of workflow these days. The word comes up so often in my day to day conversations that I am starting wonder about myself. I am obsessed with workflow because thinking about the steps it takes to do simple tasks can save countless amounts of time throughout the day. Several of my colleagues and I are always talking about the workflows related to things we do all the time — things like posting content online, sharing links with other people, annotating sites for later use, and on and on. Most of the workflow questions I ask myself are related to getting things done, creating and consuming content, and preserving things for later us.The iPad forces one to think more about workflow because by nature it is a single task device. I find that quite liberating, but when an App just doesn’t support the appropriate workflow it is doomed in my eyes.

The notion of supporting workflow demands a series of posts, but for now let me share a very frustrating workflow issues I face. It is a drop dead simple one … When using Reeder for the iPad you cannot add a subscription as far as I can tell. That drives me crazy. I discover new sites from the sites I am a already subscribed to and there doesn’t seem to be a way to add the discovered space with a single tap. That sucks. I can share it across every social network on the planet, but if I want to add it to my personal repository I need to leave the App.

Reeder is the best feed reader I use on any platform but without that feature I am left underwhelmed. How hard can that be?

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